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AJ Stacy


AJ Stacy - Gay Travel Guru

About Me:


Long Beach, CA

Why I should be the next Guru

I would make a great Guru because there needs to be lesbians on, seriously. I feel like more lesbians need to know about other vacation spots besides the proverbial “cruises” we go on. I want to show everyone not only where the MEAT is while on vacation but where the buffets are too, something for everyone. I always find adventures whenever I travel, go off the beaten path and make my own way through a city. I have a passport waiting for stamps and my passport was actually paid for by the Olsen twins, ohhh…I bet you want to know the rest of why they paid for it don’t’ you? Well, that’s a story to be told during the FINALS!

In West Las Vegas I was born and in North San Diego I was raised. On a softball field I spent most my days. Chilin’ out, maxin’, reliaxin’ all cool. Catching some softballs outside of school. When a couple of gays who were up to no good started making trouble in my neighborhood. I went to one little bar & I cut my hair & said , “I’m moving up to WeHo to be with my queers”.

(Seriously that’s how it went)¬†After I became the Fresh Prince(ss) of Weho I became an assistant to the Olsen Twins for a year in 2002. They were the ones who bought my passport for a trip to Rome that never happened. We ended up going to Utah instead. Yeah, Utah. Since then my passport has been waiting for its first stamp and that’s what I’m trying to do with GayTravel!

I live in Long Beach, CA. Love this city! I’ve been making YouTube videos since 2006, answering questions on life & coming out with a group called “The Beaver Bunch”. I was on Rupauls Drag U & won! Werk! I do stand-up comedy & I just received “Long Beach 30 Women to Watch” award.¬† I’m not exactly sure what people think when they watch me- I just hope it makes them laugh.

AJ Stacy - Gay Travel Guru AJ Stacy - Gay Travel Guru AJ Stacy - Gay Travel Guru






Gay Travel Guru