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Bryan Kosarek


Bryan Kosarek - Gay Travel Guru

About Me:


Austin, TX

Why I should be the next Guru

Traveling is more than just a destination, it’s a story. A story that has multiple layers and requires a traveler that knows exactly how to navigate these layers. It’s a story about the gay culture of a community and the subculture of that city. Every story has a cast of characters: the locals, other travelers, business owners, and event planners. When all characters are engaged, you’re left with an amazing story that shows all aspects of a city. My passion when blogging is to share experiences that don’t present themselves to travelers at first glance. As the publisher of, I know how to navigate the many levels of a city, engage all characters I meet, and dive deep into my surroundings to bring the true colors of any event or city to readers.

I definitely wasn’t born in Texas, but I made my way here as quickly as possible from Chicago! Combining my midwestern values, along with my Southern hospitality I have picked up from living in Austin, have both contributed to my happy, relaxed, and inviting approach to life. If a person was to ask me “When are you the most happy?”, I’d tell when I’m meeting new people, immersed in the experiences, and fully engaged in life. Yup! That’s what I love about life – discovering the uncommon.

The perfect trip to me is 25% tourist destinations, 25% food exploration, and 50% unique interactions with the locals. The locals provide the true, authentic story about a city and I’ll always opt to try new experiences with locals I’ve met over anything else!  As a real estate Broker in downtown Austin, and publisher of, I’m constantly looking for ways to share experiences and help people discover new things. What I’ve learned from blogging is my ability to help people find their place in this world. When it comes down to it, we’re all looking for the same thing out of life – unique experiences, with interesting people, that allow us to expand our horizons. That’s what makes life worth living!

As I continue through this contest, my goal will always be to build a stronger LGBT travel community and to bring authentic experiences to you and the other readers. Through out life, I’ve been told to leave the world a better place than when you found it and to create value for people. As a person that brings people and things together, that’s what I plan to do as your next Gay Travel Guru!

Bryan Kosarek - Gay Travel Guru Bryan Kosarek - Gay Travel Guru Bryan Kosarek - Gay Travel Guru






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