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Jarred Gammon

Jarred Gammon - Gay Travel GuruAbout Me:


Austin, TX

Why I should be the next Guru

I want to be’s Travel Guru to continue on my path of self-discovery. I have been out to family and friends for over a year now and I have learned so much about myself in the past twelve months, but I feel like there are still new experiences to be had. This is exciting because, being born and raised in the South, there is still so much to see and do. Becoming the next Guru would allow me to meet new people and visit new places that I otherwise would not have the opportunity to experience. In a way, I feel like my new life is just beginning and would be the perfect vehicle to help me write my next chapter. I am adventurous and fun-loving, and I promise to explore each destination to the best of my ability. The timing for me is perfect, and I would embrace the opportunity to be an ambassador for the gay community and be your travel guru.

If my friends were to describe me in three words they would be: spontaneous, quirky, and adventurous. I’m well-rounded, which is reflected in how I travel— I try to find a variety of activities at every destination. As a foodie, I love to indulge in delicious meals and fine cocktails. I am very social and enjoy going to clubs/bars to meet new people. Music is a passion of mine and I like seeing unknown, local artists. I love sports and the outdoors, so I am always looking to incorporate some sort of adventure into my active lifestyle.

Born and raised in Richmond, VA, I moved to Austin, Texas for college and now work here as a financial advisor. I have been out for over a year and have learned so much, but I want to continue to grow and challenge myself. Becoming the next Gay Travel Guru means that I will meet interesting people and visit amazing cities that I otherwise would not have the opportunity to experience.

I have truly embraced being gay and would be proud to represent the LGBT community in this role. The best trip I have taken was a two week excursion island-hopping in Hawaii. The landscape was breathtaking and the way of life in Hawaii is a refreshing change of pace from growing up on the east coast. I am ready to see what exciting travels await and ready to share some amazing memories with you!

Jarred Gammon - Gay Travel Guru

Jarred Gammon - Gay Travel Guru Jarred Gammon - Gay Travel Guru







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